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The development and the investigation of innovative acoustoelectronic systems require a sophisticated crystal characterization and various thin film deposition technologies as well as dedicated methods for thin film analysis. To meet these specific demands we are constantly improving and adapting our competences. In the framework of collaboration and joint research projects you can build on our profound know‑how in the following research fields:

  • Calculation of acoustoelectronic systems
  • Deposition techniques for functional thin films and thin film systems including multilayers and gradient layers on piezoelectric substrates
  • Comprehensive characterization of thin film systems and piezoelectric substrate materials
  • Enhancement of analytical techniques dedicated to acoustoelectronics
  • Characterization of high-frequency acoustoelectronic devices
  • Lifetime and failure analysis
  • Innovative applications of SAW actuators and sensors

Please, contact us for your specific question!

Collaboration areas

Scientific collaboration with SAWLab Saxony is possible for interested externals from research and industry. Previous collaboration frameworks included governmental funded joint research projects (e.g. DFG, BMBF, AiF, BMWi, ZIM, EU), industry funded proof-of-principle studies or R&D orders.

Our main areas of collaboration include:

  • investigations of acoustoelectronic, microacoustic and acoustofluidic devices (electrical, optical, acoustical, structural),
  • investigations of piezoelectric substrate materials, e.g. high-precision characterization of single crystals and ceramics over a temperature range (4K … 1200K),
  • investigations and characterization of (structured) thin films via various methods,
  • thin film deposition and structuring,
  • numerical simulation of microacoustic wave generation, propagation and interaction effects,
  • custom design, fabrication and evaluation of SAW devices for specific applications (e.g. sensors, actuators),
  • specific tests with own developments for new applications.

Please, contact us in case of any requests or questions. In order to contact partners or members of the SAWlab Saxony please visit the entity's website.

Current job offers at SAWLab Saxony

Post-Doctoral researcher / Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

  • Currently, we offer a Scientist / Post-doctoral researcher position in full-time limited to 24 months, with possible extension by further 24 months. Please find details here: deutsch / english.

PhD student position / Doktorand

  • Currently, we offer a PhD position limited to 12 months, with possible extension by further 24 months. Please find details here: deutsch / english.

Praktika - Master - Diplom

  • Currently, we offer the possibility to work on a master's or diploma thesis in the field of droplet generation by means of SAW-driven microfluidics. Please find details here: deutsch / english.
  • From October onwards, we offer further possibilities to work on a master's or diploma thesis or internships in the fields of aerosol generation and particle/cell selection from dispersions by means of SAW-driven microfluidics. Please send your CV and brief motivation letter to Dr. Andreas Winkler.
  • We can offer changing opportunities and topics in the fields of microtechnology, material science, rf electronics and microfluidics. Feel free to apply!